About US


“SABITA HYDRATING CLEANSING GEL” is the first facial wash product in Indonesia enriched with natural Gamat / Sea Cucumber Extract. Made by medical beauty experts and produced by PT. SABITA KIAN JAYA since 2014, “Sabita Hydrating Cleansing Gel” has natural, healthy, safe and eco green concepts, brought out in every detail of the product.

“Sabita Hydrating Cleansing Gel” with 5,5 pH level was dematologically tested and legally approved by POL. Using RO (Reverse Osmosis) water as a base ingredient, without ALCOHOL which assure a convenient and comfortable feeling while using this international standard product. “Sabita Hydrating Cleansing Gel” is found to be effective facial wash for skin care solution, suitable for any age or skin types, for its natural ingredients, thereby having no side effects. Only the highest quality gamat were extracted and were processed with the latest technology, to keep the BIOACTIVE MOLECULE existing constantly.


Through “natural, healhty, and eco green” concepts, PT SABITA KIAN JAYA created this skin care product which is safe for all consumers, to provide healthy skin effectively and overall robust health.


An excellent product which we created to support the local skin care products industries, which is qualified internationally standarized, and thus quaranteed to promote a healthier skin during this particular and up coming generation.